The Ultimate Health Tonic: Bone Broth

by | Dec 13, 2015

Bone broth has become a lot more popular recently but it’s actually an ancient traditional food that our grandparents and great grandparents would have you cooked loads of and it features quite a lot on the BMB programs! It is now considered somewhat of a super-food because of it healing benefits due to the huge amount of minerals it provides us so it’s time to jump of the bone broth bandwagon 😉

How to make it…

  • Choose any bones you like, preferably organic to avoid added chemicals, you can even use a whole chicken if you want some meat in there (note that can you use any part of the animal ligaments, feet etc)
  • Add the bones to a pot and cover with water add a 1-3 tblsp apple cider vinegar, it helps release the minerals from the bones
  • Add a little sea salt and any seasoning/herbs of your choice
  • Bring water to boiling point and after 2-3minutes reduce heat to low
  • Cover the pot and let it simmer lightly for up to 72hours!!! Sounds a little intense I usually just cook for 5-8hours 😉
  • After a 1-2 hours I add in some vegetables such as carrots, onions, celery and continue cooking with them inside. Sometimes will also add lentils to make it a bit more substantial!
  • Once finished you can either remove the bones or if needed drain the soup. Store in airtight containers in the fridge or even freeze some in ice cubes to use for other recipes!

I usually keep it super simple but here are some more exciting recipes to check out here! And honestly you will be surprised by how delicious it tastes, it really is just like chicken soup but 100% natural and with way more nutrients than the store bought stuff!

So why is it the latest trend is health tonics? Well because you cook it for so long all the nutrients that are within the organic bones are released into the water making it very easily absorbed by our bodies here is how it benefits us…

Anti-inflammatory – generally majority of health issues are a result of some form of inflammation in the body! The combination of the minerals found in bone broth such as magnesium, calcium, glucosamine, collagen and amino acids such as proline & glycine all contribute to heal and soothe the body of inflammations such as joint pain, digestion issues i.e. IBS and the immune system in general such as the common cold!

Healthy skin, hair & nails – the rich source of collagen & gelatin are both renowned for contributing to healthy hair & nails and also anti aging for skin!

Joint & Bone health – full of magnesium & calcium, which is great for healthy bones and collagen, which is also good for bones and protecting joints!

Digestive Health – rich source of gelatin & glutamine helps heal the gut lining and soothes digestion! Good for people with issues such as IBS, acid reflux and even more simple issues such as bloating.

So now you see how broad the health benefits are, you know you have to try it 😉

Mirinda xx

P.S This is just a brief overview of the benefits and how it works, so if you want more of in-depth look check out these articles as well!

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