Sweet & Healthy Holiday Recipes

by | Dec 19, 2014

So Christmas Day is so incredibly close…eeek I’m so excited!!! So I thought I’d share with you all a little collection of some amazing, delicious guilt free sweet recipes to make for your family and friends yippee!

These recipes are all from people I absolutely love and I know your gonna love them too!


Lets get started…


Honey Custard with Strawberries (also go great with some Pudding!)



Peppermint Patties (insanely easy, I cheated and just used 70% dark chocolate)



Raw Caramel Slice (have made this one so many times!)



Gingerbread Men (its not Christmas without them!)



Gingerbread Cake (never have too much gingerbread)



Candy Cane Pudding Pie (whaaaat! sounds incredible)



Strawberry & Coconut Cookies (for something a little lighter)



Mince Pies (can’t wait for these!)



Would love to know & see what recipes you tried, I’ll be sharing my pics 😉
Wish you an absolutely beautiful, peaceful and fun holiday with your loved ones, enjoy every moment and every delicious bite of food 😉

Mirinda xx

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