Survive the Holiday Season: 4 Realistic Tips!

by | Dec 11, 2014

Yay it’s that time of year again! I don’t know about you but I love the Holiday Season, happiness is in the air, new beginnings/resolutions are just around the corner and of course lots of food! Its pretty well documented that this time of year results in a little weight gain but it doesn’t have too. I am a firm believer in finding a balance where you can enjoy the season to its fullest without going crazy and here is how.

  1. INDULGE! What??? Yes, I’m saying indulge! A huge part of why people gain weight during holidays is because they over do it, they try to deprive themselves and then can’t control the cravings when they see the food & drinks. If you mentally give yourself permission to indulge here and there (not everyday) you will be surprised at how balanced you will be, you won’t feel the need to ‘make the most it’ and go crazy! Eating foods that aren’t great for you isn’t something to be ashamed of its human and ok to do sometimes! (Obviously you’re usually eating the healthy stuff more often anyway;) )
  2. Maintain your regular routine: In between the parties, present shopping and work, really commit to getting in your workouts and healthy meals! If you can only fit in 15min that is better than nothing, so go for it and make the most of what you can! Its especially helpful to maintain your regular diet even if your going to a party or ate something ‘naughty’, so your still getting all your required nutrients and not filling up on the naughty stuff! (aka no skipping meals if you ate something naughty!)
  3. Plan Ahead: Like always scheduling in your workouts and sticking to it more than ever will get you through this time and you may also want to take up meal prepping during this month so you don’t even need to think about food during the week 😉 You can even plan in your ‘naughty’ foods/drinks, something to be excited for and help maintain the balance! For example if you know Friday is your Christmas Party with lots of food and drinks, eat your regular meals throughout the day and choose a few treats to indulge in!
  4. Stop when you are full: This may sound obvious but it can be tricky when there is so much on offer! So now more than ever really pay attention to your body, eat slowly, savour every bite, indulge but don’t over indulge! You don’t need to stock up for a hike or something 😉


Be kind to yourself, enjoy the season, keep sweating and remember a little indulgence is ok!

Mirinda xx

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