Reduce Cellulite with these 5 Easy Steps

by | Feb 4, 2015

Cellulite is not the most beautiful thing and lets be honest practically everyone has it at least a little but you can significantly reduce it!!! Cellulite is basically a build up of fat and toxins that has become trapped in your cells generally around the upper thighs and butt area, which is not ideal if you’re planning a beach honeymoon and want to feel your best! It is said that cellulite is caused from a combination of genetics, hormones, poor diet, lifestyle and age. Obviously we can’t change 2 of those things but you can definitely work on the others.

These 4 methods are what I personally do, some everyday and others every other day and I’m more than happy with the results 🙂 Bonus is they are not just beneficial in reducing cellulite but for generally healthy glowing skin, energy, digestion and self confidence!

  1. Drink Water & Green Tea: Water is crucial to all aspects of your health and especially in treating cellulite as it helps to flush out toxins and replenish your cells with hydration. Green Tea is renowned for its antioxidant content and its power to improve metabolism, which can be a factor in cellulite build up! Also makes a great alternative to coffee.
  2. Dry Body Brushing: This is probably my favourite one that I do everyday (mostly in the mornings) it helps to stimulate your lymphatic system therefore aiding your body in natural detoxification and drainage of built up liquid and toxins. It is also a brilliant way to achieve glowing skin by helping to remove dead skin cells making way for new ones, open clogged pores and help ingrown hairs. I also find all this stimulation is a great wake up call and gives me an energy boost for the day ahead! Brushing the right way is crucial to reap the benefits so here you go: Start brushing at your ankles working your way up the body in circular motions towards the heart (this is the flow of the lymphatic system) It may feel a little sensitive at first so don’t worry if your skin gets a little red but also don’t be too gentle (except around breasts, sun burns, sores etc). Start with your legs, followed by mid section, back and finish off with your arms all the way to your armpits! Always follow with a shower to wash away excess dead skin and follow with a nourishing moisturiser like coconut or jojoba oil.
  3. Coffee Body Scrub: You may or may not have noticed but these scrubs are everywhere right now and for good reason! They are a beautiful soft exfoliator and moisturiser for the body but the coffee specifically works on the cellulite, as just like it is a stimulant when you drink it, it also is when you apply it topically by leaving your skin firmer but only temporarily. Despite it only been temporary I love these scrubs as they are a lovely naturally alternative to harsh chemical body washes and exfoliators! I use the scrubs every other day and combined with dry body brushing you will definitely start to notice a glow! I like Body Blendz and Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub.
  4. Sweat: Like anything if you want to see real results you to have put in real effort! As cellulite is literally fat cells built up, moving and sweating a lot is a great way to get them moving and flushed out! Any exercise is great, but especially if you sweat as sweat is the body’s natural way to flush out toxins. I also suggest a sauna or steam room for a little extra boost so for those of you with gym memberships make the most of it 😉 AND regular exercise is not only great to sweat but will help to balance your hormones another factor in cellulite (and a lot of other health issues like mood, energy, skin)
  5. Grapefruit & Coconut Oil: I am gradually becoming more and more intrigued by essential oils and the more I learn the more amazed and in love I am with them! My latest discovery is Grapefruit essential oil mixed with Coconut oil as a natural moisturiser to help combat cellulite with its diuretic effect and ability to eliminate toxins. Simply get high quality oils from a health food store and mix 2-4 drops with approximately a tablespoon of coconut oil, mix together well then after showering or when you can massage into affected area everyday. Here is a list of other essential oils for cellulite so you can change it up.

I know this is a lot so don’t stress you can just start out with 2 of these methods and gradually build on the rest until it becomes part of your natural routine! But seriously I have to say once you start Dry Body Brushing you’ll be hooked 😉


Mirinda xx

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