Probiotics: The Ultimate Supplement!

by | Mar 12, 2015

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need supplements and would simply get all our necessary nutrients from our balanced perfect diets (it would be nice!)…but its crazy talk the world isn’t perfect and neither are we and that is ok! Because we have probiotics yay 😉 But seriously I am a huge fan of probiotic supplements; I truly believe that everyone can benefit from taking them and quite possibly everyone should be taking them with today’s lacking diets & full lifestyles!

So why am I so obsessed with probiotics, well their basic function is to feed our gut good bacteria and help balance out the bad. This is such a necessary function in today’s age of antibiotics, environmental toxins and foods lacking nutrients & naturally occurring probiotics. The reason our gut health is so important is because it’s the centre of our immune system and our emotional brain, in fact the gut is often referred to as our second brain because so many crucial bodily functions happen here and when the bacteria is out of balance so is everything else and things such as yeast infections, acne, digestive problems, lethargy, constant colds can start to happen.

Probiotics have been shown to help with:

  • Poor digestion
  • Bloating
  • Candida/yeast issues
  • Weak immune system
  • Balance the body during courses of antibiotics
  • Help with skin & acne issues
  • Even more severe disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Collitis!


I’m sure you have suffered from at least one of these issues during your life and now you can help yourself by preventing it happening more! You can get great sources of probiotics from fermented foods such as natural yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha which I highly recommend but the fastest (easiest) form is to get a high quality probiotic from your health food store and I suggest asking the in house nutritionist/naturopath for their recommendation.

I take 2 probiotics daily (sometimes I do forget but almost daily) and when I have gone without them I definitely notice a difference. At first you may have a little extra bloating or gas (maybe warn your fiancé 😉 ) while everything balances out but don’t worry its normal, only if issues persist should you seek advice from a health professional!

There are countless strains of probiotics and different strains can help more with different issues so if you do have a specific issue you want to address with probiotics I suggest seeking advice from a naturopath, nutritionist or doctor. Otherwise head to your health food store and ask for their best probiotic supplement!

Mirinda xx

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