Hey Mirinda! I am incredibly slow to realize that all of this time I was following Body meet Bride it was you. I am not sure if you remember me but we went to high school together. I got married 6 months ago and everything you post is incredible, all your recipes and suggestions helped me so much and was great in helping me lose the last few kilos and stay in shape. Thank you! xx 

– Elizabeth, 24

Mirinda is an inspiring, beautiful soul. Through doing the commitment it shows she genuinely cares about her clients needs and attentively provides advice to guide you to your very best (healthy) state. It’s not just about quick fixes but rather about strength and cleansing from the inside out in a sustainable manner. These programs are results based and easy to follow, I couldn’t recommend Mirinda highly enough!

– Jihee & Tandice

I have tried a bunch of “diets/quick-fixes/cleanses” and what I loved most about the Body meet Bride Commitment is that it was completely realistic, I felt this is a lifestyle I can actually continue! It is not some intimidating, complicated program and you are guided by Mirinda every step of the way. Now that I have it forever, I will definitely be re-doing the Quickie Commitment when I need some extra support!

– Tandice, 27

My experience with the 1 month Quickie Commitment was fantastic! I loved that the approach was not just diet and fitness but also a way of life through positive affirmations and love for all! As a Chiropractor student I know the importance of diet and the recipes are full of nutrition, that tastes delicious and really easy. Its not about restriction but about making great choices mentally and physically!

– Harriet, 24

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