Power with these 4 Plant Based Proteins!

by | Nov 19, 2014

Protein is a crucial part of a your diet but in today’s culture we have a tendency to think that protein equals loads of meat, often waaayyy to much than we actually need!

I’m no vegetarian but definitely believe through research I’ve done that incorporating more plant proteins and limiting meat and animal proteins is beneficial to our health.

Why? Well, simply put meat is much heavier than plants for our bodies to digest and red meats can even take 72 hours to be completely digested…72 hours! Plus plant based proteins offer more fibre, nutrients such as chlorophyll (like mouth wash for your insides), omega 3’s (healthy fats), vitamin A, C, E (great skin vitamins & antioxidants) providing us with an even wider variety of nutrition.

Now I want to be clear, meat can definitely has a place in our balanced diets I just want to draw your attention to other sources so you can achieve optimum balance and have some fun mixing up your meals a bit & find what works best for you!


Plant Proteins to Try:

Nuts & Seeds: Loaded with protein, healthy fats and antioxidants, you can choose from a huge selection (so you’ll never get bored), can add them to salads, stir fry’s, casseroles, basically anything! Just be sure to get the raw kinds and you can always roast & season them yourself 😉


Vegetables: Yes, vegetables contain small amounts of protein, so combining a bunch of them together with beans or grains (see below) has you covered! Think avocado, dark leafy greens (also loaded with chlorophyll), broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potato to name a few! Try making colorful stir frys, stews, roast vegetables!


Quinoa/Buckwheat/Brown Rice: You can make so many delicious dishes with these ‘ancient grains’, bonus is they’re all gluten free too! Think outside the box and try making sweet AND savoury dishes, quinoa porridge, buckwheat base pancakes, brown rice pudding!


Legumes/Lentils: These guys have been around forever and form a complete protein when combined with some ancient grains! Think Indian or Thai curries, cold lentil salads combined with roast vegetables, big bowls of soup!


So now you know some great alternatives to animal products aim to include a lot more of these amazing proteins and see how you feel!

Mirinda xx

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