How to do Positive Affirmations

by | Nov 12, 2014

Affirmations work by programming your mind to truly believe the statement you are saying and therefore change your perception and thinking towards the specific issue at hand. Affirmations allow you to tap into both your conscious and subconscious mind and shift/change negative, limiting beliefs you have about yourself and life. Basically affirmations are workouts for our brain!

In order for affirmations to truly work you must be aware of your negative limiting beliefs, conscious AND subconscious, so before deciding what your affirmations will be, delve deep into yourself and find out what your limiting beliefs really are.
Actually doing this can be a little scary and challenging to truly admit to yourself what your darkest and basically just bitchy thoughts are, so take your time, be brutally honest with yourself, write them down, be clear and then move on to the fun!

Once you acknowledge your negative limiting beliefs comes the fun part of writing down positive spins on these beliefs, there is no wrong or right way to do this! Whatever feels true to you is the right statement, be simple, be bold, be free its your life!

Now for the action steps:

  • Start with 3 statements, that way you can focus on one at a time slowly moving onto the next after you feel a shift, maybe 1 week or 3 (everyone’s different!)
  • Say them in first person in present or future tense e.g “I love my body, today I am happy and comfortable in my skin”, “Today is a beautiful day, I will see the beauty around me and enjoy it”
  • Say them out loud in front of the mirror at least 3 times, really look into your eyes, breathe and say it with strength!
  • You can also write them down, use post it notes beside your bed, on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, your phones screen saver!
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat; you cannot over do affirmations, say them if you feel your negative beliefs popping up, in the morning, before bed, in the bathroom at work, anywhere and everywhere!

At first you may feel a little silly doing this, it may seem a little airy-fairy but if you truly open yourself it will work. I can’t tell you how long it will take because every one is different but if you feel you are trying but not seeing any shifts, go back to identifying your negative beliefs maybe your subconscious is hiding something from you, our brains are tricky little buggers! Remember have fun with it; you deserve to be healthy and happy!

In health & happiness,
Mirinda xx

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