My favourite workout brands! Quality, comfort & beauty!

by | Jul 23, 2015

Working out is so much more fun (and easier) when you feel comfortable and beautiful about yourself but also comfortable and beautiful in what you’re wearing! There is nothing worse they spending a workout session fixing your pants or top in place feeling totally awkward and I know it may seem a little image obsessed but there is something so empowering when you feel beautiful and 100% comfortable even at the gym and I’ll admit it some fun leggings can definitely help 😉

An added bonus is that I pretty much live in these workout clothes because they’re so comfortable, gorgeous, full of beautiful bright colours and lovely messages that not only make me feel happy but so many of my friends have fallen in love with them too 😉



So many amazing patterns and styles to choose from…My personal favourite are the capri leggings, they also have long leggings, shorts and super comfy relaxed pants!

Their selection of colourful bras are amazing (not padded) and work great as bikini tops or as a nice pop of colour under regular tops!

Also check out their instagram from some lovely inspiring pics!



Wow these leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles, which is the core of this company’s lovely and inspiring philosophy!

I have only used their leggings which are so stunning & unique! I love them especially for yoga, as they are incredibly soft and stretchy…and also waterproof! Again check out their instagram for so many beautiful pics!


Spiritual Gangster

My favourite for tops and sweaters!!! I love the positive inspiring messages on these tops because they act, as simple but important reminders to see the bright side and the sweaters are sooooo soft and comfy! Plus they also have some cute menswear stuff 😉

And off course another amazing instagram account to check out!


Lorna Jane

My fellow Aussies will know this one! This brand has everything from yoga gear to running gear as well as some cute accessories like drink bottles & inspirational day planners/books!

There is also their blog Move Nourish Believe through which they share my philosophy of loving yourself and your body by respecting it with the food you eat and the life you choose to live 🙂 Its a great source for more health/life info!


P.S. These brands are not cheap but they are amazing quality, will last you years and I can guarantee that you will end up wearing them more than just working out! Also all of these brand ship internationally but I’m warning you it gets addictive so take it slow haha 😉


Mirinda xx

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