How squatting can change your life!

by | Aug 6, 2015

During my Yoga Teacher Training course I learnt some amazing, beautiful inspiring things but there was one life changing lesson I was not expecting: the art of squatting when you poo! And no, not just when you’re camping but every single damn day!

Here is why squatting is so life changing/enhancing

This simple tip takes us back to our natural state of pooping and can actually help to alleviate bloating, constipation, hemorrhoids, even reduce risks of colon diseases and not to mention you will evacuate so much faster and so much more completely than regular sitting! WOOO HOOO!!!

Why it works

Our bodies are designed to poop in a squatting position but then one day someone invented the toilet that is amazing and lovely (and clean) but sadly means our bodies are in the complete wrong position to poop efficiently.

When we squat our anal sphincter is much more relaxed and the kink in our bowel, that is necessary to prevent poop from releasing whenever, is in a much straighter angle/its correct alignment, compared to sitting on a toilet, making it easier for the poop to come through without using force just a slight push 😉

How to do it

There are few ways to squat so you can find the easiest and most comfortable version for you!

  • You can literally climb up and squat on your toilet seat…this one takes a little flexibility and is the best because you’re not only in the natural position but your thighs also put a little pressure against your colon helping to release the poop!
  • Or you can sit on the toilet and bring both feet onto the edge of the toilet seat and lean slight forward, again in this position the thighs add a little pressure and this one might be a little easier to do outside of your own home!
  • Finally you can place a step on the floor in front of your toilet for your feet and then lean slightly forward. This is definitely the easiest option and great for beginners 😉

Personally I alternate between options 1 and 2 simply because sometimes I’m just too lazy to fully squat 😉 Now it will feel a bit weird at first but I guarantee you will notice a difference in the ease of pooping especially if you squat consistently for a few days and then go back to normal sitting!

P.S AND I actually just discovered a company that is completely dedicated to the squatting movement and sell specially designed steps to create the ideal squatting position…they also have extra info if you’re interested check them out, Squatty Potty such a cute name too 😉

Happy Squatting…don’t you it wasn’t what you thought 😉

Mirinda xx

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