Homemade Beautifying Toner: Only 3 Ingredients

by | Feb 19, 2015

Having a consistent skin routine is key to achieving and maintaining glowing radiant skin and a huge part of that routine involves good quality products. A lot of toners on the market contain harsh chemicals and alcohols that actually do more harm than good to your skin in the long run and remember what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in!

This simple homemade toner contain apple cider vinegar, filtered water and lavender essential oil, all natural products that provide countless benefits to your skin to get you glowing for your wedding and long after!

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most amazing superfoods out there; it has fantastic health benefits from improving digestion to improving hair shine!

Its works great as a toner as it balances the skins ph levels, is anti-microbial therefore killing bacterial residue on your skin and the acid content acts as a soft exfoliator on the skin stripping away dead skin making way for new glowing skin cells!

The best brand of ACV is Bragg which you can get from most health food stores but if not search for one that has sediments in the bottom of the bottle that way it hasn’t been over filtered and retains even more of the health benefits.

The lavender also has anti-microbial properties but more importantly acts as a healing and calming component to the mixture that will help with any inflammation and generally soothe the skin. Added bonus is it makes the toner smell a lot nicer!


  • 1 part ACV and 1 part water for oily/combination skin
  • 1 part ACV and 4 parts water for sensitive skin
  • Add in 5 – 10 drops of lavender essential oil (depending on how much liquid you have)
  • Shake well so everything combines and store in a cool, dark place in your bathroom or in the fridge.


  • Pour mixture on cotton pad and wipe over face and neck morning and/or night.
  • Follow with a nourishing face cream or oil. I use Jojoba oil at night for extra nourishment; it’s amazing (will be writing a blog just about it soon!)

NOTE: To make sure you don’t ruin your wedding photos please only experiment with your beauty routine at least 3 months before your wedding! That way you have plenty of time to see amazing benefits and plenty of time to correct things if you have negative reactions!

Hope you love this natural toner as much as me! Let me know how you go 🙂

Mirinda xx

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