Be a healthy bride & have a healthy marriage!

by | Dec 1, 2015

Ok that title comes of a little extreme (but hope it got your attention haha) so let me clarify, I don’t mean to have a lasting marriage you need to loose weight before you officially say I Do what I mean is weddings are a great motivation & opportunity for brides and grooms to decide to get healthy for their big day BUT also for this new stage in their life! Getting healthy doesn’t always just mean loose weight; health involves a variety of things that affect the quality of your life and therefore the quality of your relationship. So don’t you think you deserve to have the highest quality of both; your health & relationship 😉

I truly believe that health and happiness go in hand and that the picture of health looks different to everyone so don’t caught up in achieving what society tells you is healthy, discover what is healthy for you! A little tip, you will know when you have found your healthiest self when you feel balanced (more often than not because lets be honest its ever changing!), when you don’t feel guilty for eating something “bad” or missing a workout, when you look in the mirror and truly say you like your body or at the very least parts of your body!

Sometimes in our lives we tend to procrastinate, its natural we all do it (I’m quite the professional haha) but when it becomes a problem is when you procrastinate doing things that will help you live a better life, have you ever said “this summer I’m gonna feel good in my bikini” or “this year I will exercise regularly” there is no shame if you have, we are all doing our best but now your getting married and this is exciting and a chance to take control of your life, your health, your happiness and your future.

Why do I think embarking on a healthy journey before your wedding will lead to a lasting marriage? Well, making a true commitment to yourself is the best gift you can give a relationship because it makes you treat yourself the way you always deserved, to nourish yourself with clean foods, to tell yourself you “I love you”, to sweat out that built up stress, to create space inside your busy mind, to improve your self confidence, self worth & self love and in turn reflecting all that onto your partner and into your thriving relationship!

Not to mention added benefits such as more energy, calmer minds, better sleep, better sex, more open communication (due to less insecurities), more love (because loving yourself creates more love for others), clearer skin, stronger body inside & out and slower graceful aging which means more time to enjoy this life together haha 😉

So as creator of Body meet Bride a diet & fitness program for brides to be I just wanted to share that making a commitment to yourself to become healthier, happier & yes slimmer (if that’s your goal!) is a positive, self empowering step towards the life you deserve.

Mirinda xx

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