Healthy Living in any Environment

by | Nov 5, 2014

No matter where you live there are always ways to take advantage of your environment to improve your health and fitness! It just takes a little motivation and some discipline to really make the most of what’s on offer.
You may have heard some of these before, but do you actually do them? Really set yourself a goal to try these at least once a week, start small and set the habit!

Inner City
You will need to start taking your music and a little perfume with you everywhere because you’re going to be walking a lot!

  • Take the stairs as much as possible, at the mall & airports avoid the escalators (unless your loaded down with bags!) and at work and your apartment get out of the elevator 3 floors earlier when leaving or arriving!
  • Save some money and walk the last few blocks instead of driving or taking a taxi and you can also park a few blocks away from your destination.
  • Most cities are surrounded by beautiful types of nature reserves so make the most of your weekend and go for a day trip for a hike or walk, just getting out the city and basking in fresh air will be lovely!

Lucky you, your environment naturally encourages a healthy lifestyle so make sure you are really making the most it!

  • Soft sand is your new best friend, walk on it or run (if you can!) it will seriously work your legs and butt so hard!
  • Swim in oceans or lakes (when the season allows it!) Dipping in fresh water is great for the body and mind! So as often as possible take advantage of it, you don’t need to do laps just enjoy the serenity of it.
  • Most coastal cities have beautiful coast walks, so even if you’ve seen it all before, go out there for a walk, run or just to sit and enjoy the freshness of the air!

Living in quieter neighbourhoods are perfect to get some outdoor activity with a little privacy!

  • Safe, quiet streets are perfect for sprint intervals and timed runs that you can work to improve each week.
  • Most suburbs have a nice community so get to know it and maybe start a walking group or healthy potlucks YUM!
  • Playgrounds actually make for some great workout equipment, monkey bars, swings, bars, go have a play around & find your inner kid!

Whatever your environment think outside the square and remember you don’t always have to be doing intense forms of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Mirinda xx

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