D.I.Y Bridal Beauty: Perfect girls weekend!

by | Jul 8, 2015

You don’t have to spend loads of money visiting the beautician for facial & body treatments, I mean you certainly can its absolutely lovely but for the days you don’t have time and want to save a little money try out these amazing, all natural, super easy DIY beauty treatments! You can get together with your girls and make it a fun night in or complete luxury weekend 😉 Plus there is no limit on how often you can do these beautifying treatment, so I have got you covered in the lead up to your wedding!


Body Scrub:

For glowing skin its essential that you exfoliate and moisturize! And this scrub is two in one so your life just got that much easier yay!

Mix sea salt, preferably pink Himalayan sea salt (from any health food store as most rich in minerals which your skin will absorb a little of while you scrub!) with half or less the portion of coconut oil, mix well until the salt is completely combined but make sure it is more salty than oily! Add in a few drops of lavender essential oil and/or rose for a calming effect and lovely smell. Store in a sealed glass jar in your bathroom.

Scrub your entire body before you shower starting from bottom of legs working up towards your heart, scrub in circular motions towards your heart so you get your lymphatic system working too! (This will help your body drain excess fluid and toxins from your body so you will glow from the inside out!)

Leave for about 5 minutes then simply rinse of in the shower and dab yourself dry, you can also use this gently on your face! You can do this daily morning or night or every other day, which ever you prefer.



There are soooooo many variations for facials out there but I’m going to share this super simple one that benefits all skin types! All you need is organic natural cow, sheep or goat milk yoghurt and preferably an organic cucumber! Blend a few tablespoons of yoghurt with the cucumber until a paste forms and spread evenly over your skin, leave for 20-30min, wash off with water and follow with a soft moisturising oil (I use jojoba oil) or your regular moisturiser.

The cucumber has beautiful soothing and rejuvenating effects for your skin, its rich in vitamin C & antioxidants that help to nourish the skin, caffeic acid which is great for reducing puffiness especially around the eyes, it has the same Ph level as our skin so absorbs well & made of mostly water so very hydrating for the skin!

And the yoghurt, when using an organic natural one of course, is rich in probiotics, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which will help clean and nourish the skin (great for acne prone skin), contains lactic acid which helps to give a soft exfoliation to help smooth the skin and it also has a slight bleaching effect so helps to combat redness, uneven skin tone and dissolve sun spots etc! PS If you want to brighten you skin & help even the skin tone even more you can add a little fresh squeezed lemon juice!


Hair Mask:

Instead of spending crazy amounts of money on salon hair masks you can make your own at home several times a week from products already in you kitchen!

Coconut oil is my personal favourite, simply wait until you need to wash your hair, brush it then massage in coconut oil so all your hair & scalp are completely covered and leave at least 1 hour or even overnight. You may need to shampoo twice if you leave it overnight!

The coconut oil really absorbs deep into the hair follicle and helps to maintain the hair proteins that keep your hair shiny, strong & healthy. For the best results I suggest only washing your hair 1-2 times a week and doing the coconut oil mask 1-2 times a week. Told you it was super simply 🙂

Hope you enjoy this super easy & effective beauty secrets

Mirinda xx

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