4 Step Guideline for a lasting journey to health!

by | Jun 4, 2015

A lot of people want to be healthy, they want to look and feel amazing but it can be so overwhelming; like what do I actually do and where do I even start! These are 4 guidelines that are simple, realistic and will allow you to make a life long journey to health not just a quick fix for your wedding!


Really want it AND be willing to change:

This might sound obvious, of course if you are trying to live a healthier life you want it but a lot of the time and often without even truly realising it we can want something so bad but not actually be willing to change in order to get it.

So first and foremost be sure that you really want a healthier life and are willing and open to do what is necessary to achieve it…no matter how weird it may be, you’ll start to love chia puddings & coconut oil 😉


Set small goals:

Goal setting is a great tool to any type of life changing journey but the most effective goals are the ones you can actually achieve. Meaning start small, super small, so small it may even seem a little silly! This way you will reach your goal and each time you do you will be motivated to continue on and gain more and more self-confidence. If you like still set bigger long term goals as well just don’t leave out the small stuff so, for example a small goal can be “I will eat 100% clean on Wednesday” and a bigger long term goal can be “I will skip 15min without stopping”.


Accept “failure” aka the learning curve (there is no such thing as “failure”):

On any journey in your life there will be ups & downs, so called “failures” (for lack of a better word) that are in fact blessings in disguise as they help you to learn about yourself! It is so important that when you embark on a journey to a healthier you, you accept that you will not be perfect all the time, you will have days where you “fall off the wagon”, you will have weeks where you don’t loose weight or have acne breakouts or whatever! A healthy life is not just diet & exercise but your mind as well and a healthy mind is one with more self-acceptance and self-love than guilt and pressure. Start your journey knowing that all good things take time and that’s ok.


Educate yourself

There is nothing more empowering than having knowledge! (Ok there are probably a few other things just as empowering but you get what I mean) There are crazy amounts of information about health out there, which I know, can be confusing, scary and contradicting but once you find the legitimate sources it is life changing.  A great place to start is by seeing a health professional such as a nutritionist or naturopath, otherwise start searching online for blogs, books and documentaries! I encourage you to read/watch stuff that contradicts each other, such as the paleo diet vs. vegan diet that way you have all the information to make decisions that fit best with you! Great resources for documentaries I love is FMTV and Gaiam TV.


I hope these 4 steps give you greater insight into creating and maintaining a life long journey to health. Remember good things take time and everyone has there own struggles along their journey even if it looks perfect on instagram 😉

Mirinda xx

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